Cody Spinadel is an independent photographer and videographer based in the Florida Keys. For the past two decades he has worked as an art director and creative director for some of the most influential ad agencies in the country, including TBWA Chiat/Day (Los Angeles), the Martin Agency (Richmond) and Modernista (Boston). He's created award-winning campaigns for such Fortune 500 companies as Sony, Apple, UPS, Geico, General Motors, ABC and CBS television. Much of his production experience comes from working on commercial shoots with film directors like Tony Scott, cinematographer Janusz Kaminsky, and still photographer Albert Watson.

In 2010, Cody jumped off the proverbial cliff, left the corporate environment and returned full time to his true passion since college–photography and film. He combines his background as an art director with his experience in photography to create images that emotionally connect with the viewer. His work ranges from quiet and serene to explosively dynamic.

Whether shooting adventure, travel, or lifestyle, Cody approaches every assignment as an opportunity to create something authentic, extraordinary and compelling.